Quality Assurance

Pacific Support Services recognise the importance of implementing, providing and maintaining the very highest standards of cleaning.

It is our company policy to have a works satisfactory note signed off by each client on the completion of any work. Clients are encouraged to inspect any work and are given the opportunity to discuss any concerns and note comments on the works satisfactory note which will then be passed to management for monitoring purposes.

Part of our service policy requires that we carry out random quality control checks on all staff and sites to ensure every aspect of our customer requirements is being met.

All Pacific Support Services staff are well trained and highly skilled professionally turned out and smartly dressed, at all times wearing company uniform which displays our logo and contact details.

Our Quality Management System ensures the smooth running of our Contracts and ensures that our clients can look forward to the same high quality service every time. With our ability to operate in most areas across the Country, we are the ideal choice for large National firms who are looking for a Company to service all their Cleaning requirements to sites in various locations. All work carried out by our own highly skilled teams. Our Quality Management System has earned us ISO9001 certification and our commitment to a long term Environmental plan has helped us achieve ISO14001 standards.

Quality Policy Statement

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