Mission Statement

Expertise, reputation and a passion for providing a cleaner, sustainable and safer future are at the heart of the Pacific Support Services ethos. We offer a complete and inclusive service which is un-rivaled in what it can offer. We are a ‘one-stop’ resource allowing each customer to fulfill the ever increasing demands and both challenging and complex needs of cleaning in the public and private sector today.

Customers loyalty is of paramount importance to us, we always look to build long term relationships with all our clients and are flexible enough to clean around their needs, anytime of day. Providing an excellent service to our customers is our number one priority - we ensure a high standard of cleaning is achieved every time by only employing the right Operative cleaners for the job.

We produce highest quality cleaning service with unparalleled customer service and product support from our employees and business partners.

Core Values

Mission Statement

We continuously strive for excellence in the products we offer and services we provide. We are committed to personal excellence and self improvement. Excellence is an attitude - It is more than a business strategy for success

People Matter:

We value and respect our employees as people, not just the skills they bring to the workplace. We spend a large part of our lives at work, so the environment is not only FUN but also a SAFE place where people are developed and encouraged to be all they can be.


We are committed to personal and corporate integrity in everything we do. We will always treat each other and our business partners fairly, honestly and directly in all of our business decisions and daily activities.


We are accountable for the decisions that we make. We will stand behind our commitments, actions, and results to our customers, partners and employees.

Community Involvement:

We share our successes and abilities with those around us. We will give of our time and resources to impact the communities we serve.

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